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  • by Abhishek Yadav
  • June,5, 2021

Gayathri Sitaraman has been making headlines for all good reasons. She is inspiring many people with her weightloss transformation and fitness posts on her Instagram handle @liftitlikegaya3. With interesting challenges like #3WeeksWithGaya3 and delicious healthy recipes this fitness enthusiast today motivates people not just by preaching but also jumps on the wagon and practices what she preaches. 

Gayathrii Sitaraman a.k.a liftitlikegaya3- Who is she? 

A 27 years old digital marketer who had started her weightloss journey in 2017 when she weighed 106 kgs. Like many of us, her relation with fitness was also an on and off relationship during her college days as some days she would switch to ruthless diets and on some days she would just let it go. But, all of this changed when she was diagnosed with a pre-diabetic condition and a liver infection as this made her realize that if she doesn't change her habits, she will most certainly head towards severe medical problems. 

With encouragement from her dad who used to drop her at the gym regularly, she was able to lose an ample amount of weight. After two years of committed workout routine, clean eating and self-control, this girl has proven that once you make up your mind then nothing can deter you from your path. Today with an amazing and inspiring weightloss transformation, she weighs around 76 kgs and she is happily maintaining her weight by playing with muscle + fiat composition. Furthermore, to be connected with fitness without any distractions she is also pursuing a certification course from the American Fitness Council. 

What were the initial steps towards losing weight and the challenges that came along with it?

In all the 27 years of her life she had never given much attention to her fitness, so starting this journey was challenging for her. After her arrival to India from Dubai, she got herself enrolled in a gym and for the first time invested in her health by hiring a personal trainer. In the initial six months, she didn’t lose any weight but that didn’t deter her from her goals. 

At the same time she ensured that she would make herself aware of the exercises and food that would help her the most therefore, she did a lot of research about different types of exercise that would help her in her weight loss. Her workout routine varied as she began doing cardio initially but gradually she found herself loving the heavyweights. She focussed on high-intensity interval training with functional and core training. Furthermore, she also included yoga and cardio in her  routine so that she could sustainably reduce her weight. 

In fact, during the lockdown when the gyms were closed, Gayathrii ensured that her fitness journey doesn't get halted, which is why she would exercise at home by lifting everything and anything at home with a focus on supersets, paused reps and minimum reps. 

And what about the challenges?? 

Gayathrii says that when she started her weight loss journey she faced these 5 challenges- 

  1. Changing lifestyle 

She knew that to lose weight she would have to make significant changes in her lifestyle. It was the first time in her life that she was making decisions for her health like not eating junk food, not partying, sleeping on time. She had to adjust her life with little sacrifices that she knew would benefit her in the longer run. 

2. Finding the right kind of gym clothes 

She says that the world does tell you to lose weight and be healthy but in reality, you won’t find gym wear easily if you are overweight. When she was overweight she would have to wear men’s wear as her gym wear because she couldn't find them in her size. Today, when she can fit in a regular women's gym wear clothes she certainly feels proud about her weightloss transformation. 

3. Feeling conscious in the gym 

When one enters the gym as an overweight newbie there is a sense of consciousness clouding your mind. Questions like “is that person looking at me because of my weight? Or are they staring because I am doing the exercise in the wrong way, these kinds of questions do get the best of you. But, the only way to get out of this mindset is by making yourself understand that no one in the gym has time to look at you, everyone there is for a reason i.e, to make themselves better. One must not compare their journey with others, one should just focus on themselves and keep moving ahead in their journey. 

4. Pushing everyday

One of the most controversial things she did her entire weight loss journey was that in the beginning, she was exercising all 7 days without any break. She says that it was challenging to push oneself every day to do the workouts. She doesn’t advocate to do exercises all 7 days but, she certainly advises to exercise regularly and consistently regardless of the mood. 

5. Don’t listen to a zillion of advice

She does mention that handling all the outpour of advice during her fitness journey was also a challenge. Therefore, she advises that the only way to not get bothered by unnecessary advice is by just concentrating on yourself. 

Any specific diet that was being followed? 

Gayathrii always believed in sustainably doing her weightloss transformation. She was clear that she didn't want to be confined to a particular diet or workout routine that she wouldn’t be able to continue in the longer run. Therefore, her weight loss diet plan didn’t involve any keto plans or other specific diets. Her weight loss foods meant intaking increased portions of proteins and complex carbs. She had more fiber like oats, chia pudding, jowar chapati, quinoa, curd, brown rice, and a protein shake. Another important thing about her diet that she maintained was to have a light dinner which is why she would intake soya, paneer, dal and salads. In a nutshell, she made sure that she eats healthy by having a sustainable diet which she can continue for her entire life. 

Who inspired and supported her the most during this journey? Also, who is her competitor? 

Her trainer Rumpi Suhaag and her dietician have played a major role in her weightloss transformation. She mentions that her trainer would keep pushing her by telling her “ you have to do this, this is your life now”. His constant encouragement in the gym helped her. On the other hand, her dietician R. Nikath helped her in changing her outlook towards healthy food as today because of her, Gayathrii doesn't find healthy food boring anymore. It just requires a little effort but it can be as tasty as “junk food”. 

Furthermore, she was also influenced by fitness enthusiasts like Sweaty Shweta and Shivani Bhatnagar whom she came across through their Instagram handles. She mentions that her decision to put her journey on Instagram was because of her love for social media and of course her newfound love- fitness, which also enabled her to find many insta friends such as Squatsoversprints, Mahima Bhandari, Simratlifts, SweathyShweta who have consistently supported and appreciated her in this weightloss transformation process. 

And what about competitors?

Gayathrii believes that your biggest competitor is no one else except yourself. She says that the goal shouldn’t be to become better than someone else but to improve one’s performance from last week. 

What are the future goals?

She doesn't believe in defining any goals but she wants to improve her headstands. By taking baby steps, she has managed to accomplish 80% of her headstand correctly but she is still improvising. The next thing she would try is doing a full split but she says she is in no hurry for that and would do it gradually. 

The other thing for which she is eagerly waiting is to break her previous record of weightlifting as she has already set a record of doing deadlifts of 102 kgs and now she wants to take up her weightlifting record to at least 110kgs. 

Gayathrii’s advice for everyone wanting to start their weightloss transformation journey? 

Consistency is the mother of everything. No matter what your mood is, show up to the gym. Only your patience,hard work and faith in yourself can make you survive and thrive in this journey

Views on Madfitjunky 

She came across Madfitjunky around one and a half years ago and since then she has been following Madfitjuny. According to Gayathrii, this platform is very welcoming as it gives a chance to everyone who loves fitness. She appreciates Madfitjunky as it is a community of fit people who support and encourage each other in their fitness journey. 

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